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About Seniors Helping Seniors – Canterbury & Thanet


Seniors Helping Seniors Canterbury & Thanet is a profit with purpose organisation. We are the proud winners of multiple awards for the social impact of our business. We are proud to be part of the Good Business Charter and we are Living Wage Champions, winning the foundation’s “Against all odds” award in June 2021 for our national leadership in a sector with high levels of low pay and poor working conditions.

Improving the lives of others is the core of everything we do. We change how “seniors” are treated and we change expectations on ageing.

We know how you want to be treated. This is not business as usual; this is business how it should be!

Christian and Sally Wilse are Master License owners of Seniors Helping Seniors home care for the UK.

The home care service helps seniors and their families by offering compassionate, loving care and support from experienced people who understand how it is to age.

Seniors Helping Seniors non-medical, in-home care has been matching seniors who need help with seniors who want to help, for more than 20 years with outstanding success. Peer-to-peer assistance allows seniors in need to receive care from someone who they can trust and relate to.

Unique standards of care come from one person or a small team who enjoys the work they do and there are no time pressures.   Seniors Helping Seniors is about self-esteem, getting the work done to the highest standard, giving peace of mind, restoring confidence, participation, having fun, getting people out and about and engaged and giving great value for money.

By enabling experienced seniors to provide care, we help people to remain active and fulfilled members of their community and supplement their income at the same time. At a time when people are living longer and remaining active for longer, providing fulfilling and well-paid work that people want to do is important.  Working for Seniors Helping Seniors is flexible work that people love to do. The work suits trained carers and ordinary people with experience of caring for loved ones. Carers go through six phases of clearance and every carer is a loving, caring, compassionate and giving individual.

The company achieved our S.A.F.E. care award in October 2020 for our outstanding COVID-19 safety measures.

Our care model has a 20 plus year track record and Seniors Helping Seniors is a trusted brand in care in UK and abroad.  Every one of the over 300 franchisees worldwide has a local feel and is built by local families with deep local knowledge.

Award winning care and client recommendations that have put us in the Top Ten most recommended care groups in UK and we have won awards for our Customer Service.

Seniors Helping Seniors services are flexible, built around our carers, our clients and our customers.  It is focussed, compliant and we are here to impress.

No job is too big. No job is too small and every family’s budget is accommodated. The unique, fully-managed-care-service gives peace of mind and award winner customer care when people need it most.

Christian says “We have a loving, giving, caring and compassionate community of care providers who give people the support they need, when they need it”

Experienced carers offer many non-medical in-home services including but not limited to

  • Companionship
  • Housework
  • Garden help
  • Transportation
  • Trips to local events
  • Medical appointments
  • House maintenance and small repairs
  • Shopping
  • Dementia care
  • Meal preparation
  • Mobility assistance
  • Respite care
  • Overnight stays
    and more…

Carers have ID badges when visiting but do not wear uniforms.

Staff Languages (other than English) : Bengali; Bangla, Danish, German, Spanish; Castilian, French, Irish, Hindi, Dutch, Norwegian, Romanian, Swedish

For over 30 years, Christian has been a successful and innovative international businessman. While he has enjoyed his career, Christian felt he could do more. “Making money was never a big enough driver for me” he says. “I have loved my work in business so far, but I am driven to do more, to give back, to do good and have a real purpose. Seniors Helping Seniors is my way to support our older community members to ensure they have fulfilling and satisfying lives.”

Christian turned his business and community building skills into action by opening the first Seniors Helping Seniors service in Kent in 2013.  Christian and Sally help other families open Seniors Helping Seniors in their communities too. Sally explains, “As more locations open, our experience really pays off.  More families get the help they need, more people get the work they need and want to do, more elderly people get the support they need to live safely and well in their own homes, more people realise their dream of working for themselves making a great future doing something worthwhile, more communities have the choice of great elderly care, and more people stay out of hospital and GP’s surgeries.”

Christian says “Our straightforward, honourable and joyful approach to ageing is refreshing and the social impact of our business is fulfilling.  It is everything I could have hoped for.  The potential is fantastic and we are in the right place at the right time, with some amazing partnerships behind us.”

Christian was born in Norway and raised in Sweden. After meeting Sally, he moved to the UK in 1990, which he has called home ever since. Christian loves his community, and he has worked for charity, the football league, film and broadcast technology and software.  Rolling out business concepts is his skill.  He loves running a sustainable business that truly changes the care industry. Helping seniors support themselves and be happy is simply the right thing to do. Helping people step by step to launch and run their own profitable Seniors Helping Seniors in their own town “is invigorating”

Sally was born in Kent and has a BSc in Health care.   She has worked more than 25 years in Publishing and PR/Marketing and is skilled in Big Data collection. “Seniors Helping Seniors was a life changing experience for us” she says “it’s rewarding and challenging, and you can really feel that we are making a huge difference to people”

“Our seniors have so much to offer each other and the community,” says Christian. “They are the Victory generation.  The Rock n’ Roll generation. They saw the Beatles, Led Zeppelin, and the Rolling Stones from the very beginning, not forgetting all sporting legends, and the political and economic change they have contributed to. Joy and strength come from receiving care from people who are fascinated by the same things in life.

Seniors Helping Seniors home care has hundreds of cases where family members say the hours spent in our company literally changed lives. Seniors Helping Seniors gives families and their loved ones the chance to feel confident that they are not only receiving the best care possible, but they will be enjoying themselves in the process.”

Christian and Sally live in Canterbury. They have four children, and they are very proud grandparents.


Our Mission

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Our non-medical care focusses on keeping well.   Preventing crises is very much right-place, right-time in the UK.

The cost benefits and efficiencies in our processes secure our sustainable domicilary elderly care business model. 

All our services are delivered with sincere companionship because our focus is same-person care and carefully matching carer to client.

Fully managing all elements of service provides outstanding customer experiences and supports outstanding carers.

Our carers are staying active, staying social, and staying financially stable with an hourly wage which is above the Living Wage. Our franchise partners make money through doing good. 

The teachable business model exemplifies profit with purpose, empowerment, inclusivity, self-governance, thought leadership and the value of local expertise.


"We have been using the services of Seniors Helping Seniors for over 4 years and have been really pleased with the care and attention the team have always given to Mum. Nothing has ever been too much trouble and the team have often gone above and beyond to ensure that Mum was comfortable in her own home for as long as possible.

They often shared lots of laughs and fun times as well as caring for her emotional and physical needs and it always left us reassured that she was in the best of hands.

They are a very flexible team and always willing to help out when additional support was required putting the needs of Mum first. A special thanks to Eileen and Simone who have been on the journey with Mum and become more than a companion to her, they have become good friends. A very caring exceptional company. "


"Our Mum is suffering from severe dementia and although we take on a lot of the care ourselves, we needed some extra help in the afternoons. The care from SHS has been outstanding. All the carers have been great with Mum, taking her for a drive, a cup of tea and a piece of cake when able which is her favourite thing to do.

We have received photo’s of Mum from the carers of Mum while she is out and she always looks so happy. She can’t wait to go with them! Teresa provided Mum with a photo book at Christmas – such a lovely thing to do and Mum treasures this. Tina has been great also - always there to help co-ordinate and offer support.

We really cannot fault the care received. We know Mum is in safe hands and Dad can have a rest while she is out. Highly recommended! Joanna, Karen and Nicola."


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After 20 years in elderly care, we know how you would like to be treated!

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Respite Care Ramsgate
Respite Care Ramsgate
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