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Elderly Home care by Seniors Helping Seniors


Home care is sometimes called domiciliary care. The care is delivered in someone’s home setting by a carefully vetted carer with the right experience who has been matched carefully to the client’s needs.  We visit people wherever their home is whether you need care at home Ramsgate, Canterbury, Sandwich, Whitstable or Margate . It can be with family for respite care or for people who live alone. We visit at times to suit the client and we’ll do whatever the client would like us to do – no job is too big or too small.

Services range from a visit for an hour to help put the bins out for example, to staying overnight to help someone acclimatise after a hospital stay.  Housework and help with the jobs people tend to struggle with is usually part of each care visit. The focus is always engaging the client.

Companionship care is different for every person and it’s about prompting and encouragement. Companions can be seen as personal assistants, because clients are very much in charge. Companions prompt clients to take their medication and check it is taken it accurately but Seniors Helping Seniors companions don’t administer medication.

Companions prompt someone to eat and help monitor nutrition by preparing meals with our clients. Companions prompt someone to get up, wash and they put clothes out for clients but companions don’t physically lift, bath or dress.

Personal care services are a step up. Again, personal care services are different for every person and Seniors Helping Seniors applies the same outstanding service levels to our personal care visits.  Our carers have broad experience of dementia, supporting people with whichever type of dementia they live with.  Alzheimer’s is the most common form of the disease.

Our personal caregivers have ideal qualifications and experience. Excellence in medications, mobilisations, washing and dressing is sensitively delivered by the same person or a small team. Services are regulated by the Care Quality Commission.

Homecare can also mean leaving the home. We like to help our clients maintain their physical activity and enthusiasm and we have suggestions for things to do and places to go, even if our clients are short on ideas, restricted or lack confidence.

Care at Home Ramsgate
Respite Care Ramsgate

What can care at home Ramsgate look like?

Visits to Manston airport for the air show, visits to the Dickens festival are dates in our clients’ diaries. Clients love to plan events. Visiting the many cafés in and around Ramsgate, walking and shopping are daily excursions. Walking and taking exercise with our clients is key because clients feel safe and in great company. Starting in Broadstairs, chatting about days when Ramsgate was the goal, often ends in with a drink looking out to sea close to the harbour.

Ramsgate is great to drive around because there is much to see and do even from the car. Our carers and companions have often lived in the area for years, so they can relate to the changes.  Seniors Helping Seniors carers see everything from our clients’ viewpoint.

Our carers are great conversationalists. They judge mood well. They know what tunes to put on the car radio and they know when silence is appreciated. The discretion of our carers, which includes not wearing a uniform and driving comfortable unmarked cars, is appreciated by our clients wherever they are going.

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After 25 years in elderly care, we know how you would like to be treated!

Respite Care Ramsgate
Respite Care Ramsgate
Respite Care Ramsgate
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