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Dementia Care Canterbury

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Dementia Care Canterbury and beyond..

We  provide dementia care Canterbury and the surrounding towns with compassion and kindness. We employ well trained carers and experienced support workers and they are flexibly planned to fit in your life pattern. We do our best to ensure our clients enjoy what is important to them in life.

Understanding Dementia Care

The lived experience our carers and support workers have means we are best placed. We understand the what we need to provide for practical, emotive, social support  to face the challenges of living with dementia. We make sure our tasks, roles and goals are made with you and they are adjusted as requirements change.

The Affect of Dementia

Any change in the environment or routine can be agonising for a person with dementia. Seniors Helping Seniors have noted that families are turning more to home care, rather than residential care, to maintain routine and the input of known and familiar surroundings. Family is assured of access and peace of mind.

Our dementia care services the personal needs of the client and their family  and significant others as a unit.

Dementia Symptoms

  • Below are some of the symptoms and early signs of dementia:
  • Forgetting familiar faces, places or recent things that happened
  • Decision making issues and understanding implications
  • Problems with expression and find the appropriate words to use
  • Hearing or seeing things that have not happened
  • Inability to do everyday things, sometimes withdrawing from life or lacking interest
  • Inability to gauge time
  • Change of mood or enthusiasm

Dementia Care Canterbry 

Managing Dementia

As a company we monitor research and best practise. We champion people living with dementia and we campaign.

As yet there is no cure for dementia. With the right support and dementia care at home, many aspects of a great life can be managed.

Seniors Helping Seniors private in home dementia care allows you to budget efficiently whilst retaining the flexibility and the security you require.

We are there for you for the long run

Our carers and support workers are experts by experience having trained or supported loved ones who lived with dementia.  No two people are the same but the skills needed are similar. Local knowledge has practical and emotional significance. We know what trips work and we can relate to memories and stories.

Our skill is matching carer to client on many levels so there is a real connection. Bonding over shared experiences leads to trust and we are proactive to increase confidence in thought and deed.

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Respite Care Ramsgate

After 25 years in elderly care, we know how you would like to be treated!

Respite Care Ramsgate
Respite Care Ramsgate
Respite Care Ramsgate
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