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Help with Technology

Respite Care Ramsgate

Clients appreciate the security that comes with getting the most from technology safely, scam free, and confidently, while learning new things at their own pace.

We have an experienced technology coach on our team and he has been a life saver for clients who have received well intended gifts of new phones, watches and iPads.  People think of our technology coach as a golf pro!

An hour’s private one -to -one tuition and follow up when needed.

He will sort out anything you are getting stuck with remotely. He will also visit you in person if you prefer.

The most frequently requested focus sessions are sorting and saving your passwords, updating filing systems and teaching you how to have new experiences through your technology including drawing, writing, posting, using the camera, organising playlists and even making music.

An alternative is for us to pair you with a companion carer who has a special interest in technology. A trusted Seniors Helping Seniors employee will come to your home to help you to get the most from technology as one of the tasks scheduled for your hourly visits.

All our Companions enjoy connecting our clients to their loved ones by WhatsApp, facetime or zoom. They can establish the call for you and leave you to chat with friends and family while they get one with jobs around the house and garden. Companions can use your own phones, iPad and laptops or establish the call on their phones for you.

It’s important you describe what you want to get out of every visit with us so we can advise the best person for you.

Respite Care Ramsgate
Respite Care Ramsgate

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Respite Care Ramsgate

After 25 years in elderly care, we know how you would like to be treated!

Respite Care Ramsgate
Respite Care Ramsgate
Respite Care Ramsgate
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