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Overnight care

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overnight care

overnight care

Overnight care is a service we are asked for more frequently as part of our homecare services in and around Whitstable, Canterbury, Thanet, Dover, Deal and Sandwich.

We suspect it is because more clients are returning from hospital stays quickly and there has been a 20% increase in enquiries for short stays.

Clients can feel insecure about their safety and less confident to spend the long night-time alone after a procedure, when new medication is involved and when family caregivers go away for holiday or events.

Our carers are happy to spend overnights with our clients and as a Domiciliary care agency in Whitstable with ten years’ experience,  we have a successful formula for overnights whether they be one-offs or longer term.

During the homecare services we provide  we have covered family holidays, family events and we have enabled family caregivers to get some good rest themselves. 

We have also covered periods of convalescence for clients who live alone.

We are a domiciliary care agency Whitstable with outstanding ratings from clients and client families.

Our carers have been present for the entire evening, producing an evening meal, watching TV, and closing the home down securely. Then, depending on the client, our carers stay awake, sleep with doors open, pop into the client for regular checks and bathroom visits before waking the client with a perfectly made tea, coffee or juice. We love to spoil!  Clients are prompted to get up or helped from bed and into the bathroom before breakfast and medication by personal carers.  Clients are then ready to face their day.

Whitstable homecare services include companionship and personal care.

Peace of mind and good sleep is the fastest way to well-being. Hospital discharge is speedier when the team know overnight care is in place.

Our overnight packages are bespoke, and costs are available on request.

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Respite Care Ramsgate
Respite Care Ramsgate
Respite Care Ramsgate
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