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Domiciliary Care Agency

Domiciliary Care Agency Whitstable, Canterbury, Thanet, Dover, Deal and Sandwich

Domiciliary care is a term used for the range of services supporting an individual in their home, call us if you need a Domiciliary Care Agency Whitstable, Canterbury, Thanet, Dover, Deal and the surrounding areas.  We have a wonderful team standing by to support you.


An agency is a term for an organisation or a company providing a particular service.

Agency describes a feeling of control and influence. When a person has ‘agency’ they have choices.

Seniors Helping Seniors Canterbury and Thanet is a privately owned company providing domiciliary care for clients living in and around Canterbury, Thanet, Whitstable, Herne Bay, Dover, Deal and Sandwich and all the villages and remote areas in between. Our clients live in a range of residential settings. All our clients have choice.

Domiciliary Care Agency Whitstable

Domiciliary Care Agency

Looking for a Domiciliary care agency Whitstable? We like the term “agency” because it describes the sense of control running through our company.

Our clients have control. Our carers have control. Our company has control.

In a world that feels like it is changing constantly, the ability to handle a wide range of tasks and situations is very welcome!

Seniors Helping Seniors is an innovative, intra-generational home care service whose goal is to match seniors who can provide a service with other seniors who need services. We manage the provision of services expertly and reliably to a competitive price.

Our customers are private clients, (some use their care allowances) and referrers who help people in need of care and support.

Clients and Carers

Clients are charged hourly. Clients are invoiced in arrears.

Carers are paid above the Real Living Wage; they have flexibility in their work and they are paid monthly in arrears.

Prices and Pay

Price and pay reflects the outstanding services provided and the ethics of the company. Seniors Helping Seniors Canterbury and Thanet is driven both by consumer-choice and by government regulations.

Care Services

Care Services may involve household tasks within or outside the home.  Services are listed here and include shopping and cooking and other domestic services associated with health, hygiene, dignity, safety and ease in a person’s place of residence.

Personal Care

Personal care was introduced in March 2022 through the 360 SHS division. Our services were inspected by the Care Quality Commission April 2023 and rated Good and our outstanding services were described and published in the CQC report (available on the CQC website.

360 describes a full circle of care. Clients are supported to maintain physical and mental good health. Clients receive sensitive and respectful help with washing, dressing, mobilisation, medication, bathing, toileting – and any intimate care duties. This service is regularly inspected by the Care Quality Commission.

360 SHS clients also receive personalised domiciliary care and companionship.

Carers are experienced, qualified, approved and insured. They are loving, caring, giving and compassionate people who are matched and then introduced to clients before a service starts.

Tailor made, personalised Elderly care

Tasks are tailor made for every client. The care is broadly defined as ‘elderly care’ although the term is not age specific. Carers are described as Seniors though the term is not age specific.

The times we visit to provide services is tailor made for every client.

Every person is different and every person’s needs change, so the company reassess the tasks and service levels frequently with every customer and with every carer.

Influencing and driving the highest standards of care

Our levels of service are outstanding. Our company is part of the Good Business Charter in the UK and the Living Wage Foundation chose us to Champion the Living Wage in the care sector because of the support and pay we provide our carers.

We have won customer service awards and have outstanding reviews from customers, clients, and referrers.

The company’s job is to provide outstanding levels of service consistently, reliably, and safely by employing the right people and supporting them well.

We anticipate demand, safety, and change.

We adapt to changing regulations and best practise around health, specific health conditions, keeping carers and clients safe and to all the issues of well-being.


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